Peanut butter brands with xylitol

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Watch out for Xylitol in Peanut Butter and other products!

peanut butter brands with xylitol

The Best and Worst Keto sweeteners

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Most dogs love peanut butter - and their owners love seeing the funny faces they make when they eat it. But not all peanut butter is safe for pets, and all dog owners should know about this potentially deadly ingredient. Xylitol, a sweetener used in many foods, including peanut butter, yogurt, toothpaste and chewing gum , is safe for humans but potentially deadly for dogs. If ingested, it can cause seizures, liver failure and death, warned one animal hospital , which called xylitol "extremely toxic" to dogs. Most peanut butters are free of the sweetener, but its use as a low-calorie alternative to sugar is increasing, which means dog owners need to be vigilant when it comes to what their pets are eating.

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Many pet owners give peanut butter to their dogs and cats, often as a treat or as a means to conceal medication. Be sure to read the nutritional ingredients. While xylitol may be safe for people, it's not safe for pets. Even a very small amount of xylitol could send your dog into hypoglycemiaa dangerous drop in blood sugarthat is often fatal, and destroy liver cells. If your dog ingests xylitol, immediate veterinary care is recommended.

Printable Article Reveals Safe Peanut Butter Brands for Dogs vs. Brands that Contain the Deadly Dog Toxin: Xylitol. Jif, Skippy, Smucker's, Aldi.
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Pet owners who give their dogs peanut butter are being warned of the deadly sweetener called Xylitol pronounced: ZY-lit-all. In addition to Xylitol being deadly to our dogs, other ingredients found in major peanut butter brands are inadvertently making dogs sick. We are going to dive deep into these toxic and harmful ingredients but for those of you that want a quick recommendation for a safe dog peanut butter here they are. This link will take you to our database that labels each peanut butter or you can just continue reading to find which peanut butters are:. Dog Friendly. We continue this article by going into much more detail about xylitol and other unsafe ingredients when using peanut butter as a dog treat.

Last Updated on August 16, The antioxidants, protein and other vitamins are desirable for dogs too. Your buddy may even get an energy boost! Only feed it in moderation and without any artificial ingredients Xylitol is awful. Done right, this nutritious creamy spread is A-OK. For a small breed, 1 teaspoon of peanut butter is typically enough.

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Sweetener used in some peanut butter brands could be deadly for your dog




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