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Bennett James

dad from dog with a blog

L.J. Benet and Genevieve Hannelius in Dog with a Blog () Dog with a Blog . Their family adventure starts when the children's dad adopts a family dog.

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Dog with a Blog is an American comedy television series that aired on Disney Channel from October 12, to September 25, Set in Pasadena, California , Avery Jennings' mother, Ellen, had just married Tyler and Chloe James' father, Bennett, so now the new family needs to make some adjustments on living together. They face an even bigger adjustment when they discover that their new dog, Stan, can talk. Only Avery, Tyler, and Chloe know this. Unbeknownst to the family, Stan also has a blog where he discusses happenings in the Jennings-James household. The children learn of Stan's talking ability in the first episode and agree to keep it a secret from their parents, fearing if the world finds out that Stan can talk, he will be taken away for experimentation.

She is the very naive mother of the kids. Ellen was always lonely as a child. She didn't have any friends, she never got along with her sister and her parents were always working. Later in life, she met an unknown man and they had Avery Jennings , but later Ellen and Avery's biological father got divorced for an unknown reason. Much later around , Ellen went on a dating website and this is where she met Bennett, She describes herself as "an outdoorsy free spirit with no kids," even though this is an obvious lie because she had Avery. Later on, they got married even though the wedding was ruined due to Avery and Tyler trying to race to get the room, Avery knocked over some things and it became a huge mess.

Dog with a Blog is an American comedy television series that aired on Disney Channel from . Bennett James (Regan Burns) is Tyler and Chloe's father and Avery's step-father. He is a child psychologist who often acts immature and childish.
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Sign in. Stan has a crush on the new neighborhood dog, Princess, but he has to figure out how to get past her owner, who is a pretentious schoolmate of Avery's. Ellen and Bennett find out that Stan can talk, and shortly after the entire James-Jennings family is taken hostage by the U. Space Command's Alien Division. David Oyelowo Don't Let Go , Selma fills in the blanks on his career, including one credit he wishes he could get a do-over on. Watch now. Title: Dog with a Blog —

People who complain that they want old Disney back, they literally mean the Disney that aired shows back when they were younger. Shout out to the older generation who still appreciate Disney Channel and give their new shows a chance. Shake it Up. Good Luck Charlie. This is a competition which no one told us about it or..? And since some of you think that this is a sick competition, just let me remind you of some points:. I just want you all understand why we are all so frustrated with the entire judge-without-knowing situation.

He is a big-time child psychologist who has written several books, however, he is kind of a goof ball. He always thinks he knows the best way to handle everything, and comes up with some pretty unusual ways to deal with family issues. He always thinks of Chloe as a princess, himself as a king, and Ellen as a queen. Stan introduced him as "Bennett James. A little full of himself. Sniffs his butt. Not impressed".

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Dog with a Blog

Bennett James is one of the main characters of the sitcom Dog with a Blog. He is a child psychologist for a living and thought of adding a dog to the family, which came along Stan. He's not a very strict parent, but can sometimes surprise you in a lot of ways - which isn't exactly a good thing. Bennett was born with his brother, Bob to Nora James sometime in the s. At a young age, Bennett had a fish named Leo, who he thought he could talk, until realizing it was only in his head. The family later ate Leo for dinner.

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Bennett James is one of the main characters of the sitcom Dog with a Blog. very much and love each other and Avery loves him and effectively calls him dad.
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