Washing box braids with synthetic hair

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7 Shampoos That Will Help Preserve Your Box Braids

washing box braids with synthetic hair

How To Wash Box Braids Without Creating Frizz HIGHLY REQUESTED!

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So you have made the decision to get braids! What an excellent choice. I love having braids and literally miss them with my entire heart in the time in between styles. Honestly, getting braids installed will not only make you feel fly AF but also frees up a lot of time in the morning, allowing for more sweet, sweet time in your bed. You want braids - ok cool cool, but what braids?

Box braids are often confused with cornrows or micro-braids, but they Yes, you can wash synthetic hairójust use cool water and don't use.
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While we can't exactly call box braids a 'trend' women have, after all, been rocking them since ancient Egyptian times , the hairstyle is definitely having a moment. Want proof? Look no further than those influential Sisters Knowles The super-long, rope-thick style of braids and twists we're seeing right now is a direct throwback to the '90s--when stars like Janet Jackson, Brandy, and Stacey Dash probably better known to the masses as Dionne in Clueless made them their signature look. To this day the style is oftentimes casually referred to as the ' Poetic Justice ,' after the movie in which Janet Jackson made the hairstyle iconic. This time around, not a whole lot has changed: Women are still wearing their braids in pretty much the same way, piled high atop the heads wrapped with a bandanna for an ultra '90s vibe or down their backs with a sleek middle part.

9 things you need to know before getting braids


The Best Way to Wash Synthetic Braids

Avoiding dry scalp , keeping up with wash routines, choosing a great moisturizer for those braids, and even picking the correct braiding hair are all important parts in the process of getting box braids ó no step shall be skipped, or overlooked. Problem : The first step in getting box braids, and possibly the most important part, is the choice of hair. It can be tempting to go for cheaper priced hair, whether it be synthetic or human, but the chemicals used in braiding hair can leave your scalp itchy, causing an allergic reaction from the alkaline base coating. After some research and a few discussions, I learned that not washing the synthetic braiding hair I had, and even the type of hair I purchased, caused my scalp to itch and become drier quicker. Solution : Keep in mind to read the ingredients on the hair packages. It is safe to pre-wash any hair before putting it in your own head, or look for hair that states it has been previously washed.

Skip navigation! Story from Beauty. Picture this: It's the hottest day of summer, and you're four hours deep into an all-day hair appointment that seeps well into the evening, too.
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For most sisters, summertime braids were par for the course growing up. It was a way to enjoy swimming at summer camp without the threat of looking crazy about the head, afterward. Even in adulthood, when it comes time to take that tropical vacation, many of us are headed to the braiding salon, or that cousin who does hair for our low maintenance look. Last summer, I went to Croatia and I knew swimming would be in my future so I opted for kanekalon micro braids. They were easy and beautiful--and they itched like the devil.

Show less To maintain your box braids and keep them healthy, gently wash them once a month with diluted shampoo and conditioner. To wash box braids, start by mixing equal parts clarifying shampoo and water in a bottle. Then, gently massage the mixture into your scalp using your fingertips. When you're finished, rinse the shampoo out of your hair in the shower, and then repeat the process with a hydrating conditioner.

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