Tonya harding dancing with stars

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Tonya Harding's tearful 'Dancing With the Stars' debut: 'I deserve to be here'

tonya harding dancing with stars

'DWTS' winner Adam Rippon, finalist Tonya Harding talk season 26 finale

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The competition was fierce. The footwork was fast. The costumes bedecked with baubles, bangles and beads. So which celebrity athlete and pro partner emerged as the winners? Not surprisingly, frontrunner Adam Rippon -- who won a bronze medal as part of the U. Olympic skating team -- and his partner Jenna Johnson were named winners of the "Dancing With the Stars: Athletes" season. Though Rippon was considered the favorite to win, Harding bucked some steep odds to land in the finale of the four-week "Dancing With the Stars: Athletes" season.

Dancing with the Stars: Athletes. Retrieved from abc. Besides the many stores, the mall also had an ice skating rink. When Tonya saw the rink, she wanted to try it out and discovered that she really liked it. Eventually her parents bought her very first pair of ice skates, and it wasn't long before she wanted to take lessons, too. Her parents didn't have a lot of income, so hiring a private coach seemed completely out of the question. However, Tonya's natural ability to ice skate was beginning to attract attention.

Tonya Harding Made It to the "Dancing With the Stars" Finale and Fans Are Livid

Follow Tonya on Instagram. - Tonya Harding didn't win the Mirrorball grand prize on the Season 26 finale of ABC's Dancing with the Stars on Monday night, but the former figure skater still felt victorious after making it to the final round and getting whipped into the best shape of her life. After performing a high-energy freestyle dance to "I Will Survive" filled with cartwheels, twists, turns and backup dancers throwing her up in the air "like a tossed salad," Harding told the press that she was just happy to have made it to the end of the competition and shed a few pounds along the way.




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  1. Controversial ?cast member Tonya Harding?, 47, went onto next week's finale of Dancing With the Stars: Athletes instead of fan favorites figure.

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