Icarly friend with video camera

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icarly friend with video camera

camera starts saying how his daughter, Jada, likes the show iCarly, then he says "You know what's funny about this show? The friend with the video camera, .

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From: Ryan Lewis I don't watch this show, but I have a question. Remember that episode of The Office where Darrell talks about how his daughter likes watching iCarly. Then he says something like "You know what I like? That dude that holds the camera. I like the way he talks" not verbatim. But I always wanted to know what Darrell was talking about, can someone post a youtube clip or something with a scene with the character he's talking about? I wanna hear his voice.

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This is an episode list for iCarly listed by date of premiere. Every episode begins with a lower case i which represents the internet, as in " i Carly". Nickelodeon, the channel that produces and airs the series, occasionally schedules and airs the show's episodes out of chronological order, especially during re-runs, which may cause confusion between viewers when episodes have connections to others. The series premiere, iPilot , earned 4. Viewers : 4. First Appearance: Jeremy Rowley as Lewbert. Segment : "Messin' with Lewbert".

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Corrine : I have a two-part question: a are you or one of the other writers a fan of iCarly?, It's Carly, my best friend who loves me and sees the value in me as a person!

Cam Relationship

Their friendship is very strong and stable. They rarely fight, but when they do, they are able to come to agree with each other to solve their problem. Seddie and Cam shippers enjoy the friendship pairing even though they prefer other romantic pairings. Creddie shippers and those who ship Spam and Creddie together see the friendship as the foundation of the romantic pairing of Creddie. Remember, this page is strictly friendship , so no pairings. To see romantic pairing, see Creddie and Creddie Gallery. Click here to see the Creddie Friendship gallery.

Rivaling Seddie and Creddie , the Cam ship is the third major ship on iCarly. While the Cam Friendship is an undisputed part of the show, there are also many situations that could suggest a romantic attraction or deeper love between the two. But there are only various times when those scenarios occur. Carly and Sam are two pivotal names in the show, and in a blog written by Dan Schneider, [1] he remarks that on several occasions he considered naming the show iSam, then finally deciding on iCarly being the lead title. The argument has been, at times, a plot point covered in a few episodes of the show, where characters address the name of Carly, Sam, and Freddie's web show iWill Date Freddie and iQuit iCarly. While Miranda Cosgrove Carly Shay has never tweeted about it, before the premiere of iGoodbye, Jennette McCurdy Sam Puckett has tweeted about Cam once, confirming that she knows about the ship's existence. Despite that, it is shipped by numerous fans.

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The Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly centers on Carly Shay, who creates her own web show with her best friends Sam and Freddie. The series was created by Dan Schneider , who also serves as executive producer. They live in the Bushwell Plaza apartment building. In " iPilot ", Carly takes the blame for one of Sam's pranks and has to oversee people who want to be in the school's talent show as her punishment. When Carly, Sam, and Freddie's suggestions are completely ignored, they decide to make a web show named iCarly upon Freddie's suggestion, with the 'i' standing for ' Internet ' and Carly's name since she will be the host of the show. Carly is a smart, pretty girl who gets good grades, going for straight A's in one episode.


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  1. a fan of iCarly? and b) what made you choose Freddie (the friend with the The line was supposed to go: "That kid with the video camera?.

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