What is the hair that babies are born with

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Why Do Some Babies Have Lots Of Hair When They're Born?

what is the hair that babies are born with

Dad and doctors are speechless after mom gives birth to a white blonde-haired baby

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By Athena Tsavliris Feb 9, Photo: iStockphoto. I heard it over and over again when I was pregnant with my daughter. Truth to tale, nine months and dozens of pineapples later a heartburn-relieving fruit, so say the wives , out popped my baby girl, with lots of dark, velvety hair on her head. She also had thick, fluttery lashes, and black peach fuzz all over her teeny belly, bottom and biceps. Other babies, particularly preemies, are born with their lanugo, which usually falls out within the first few weeks, and is replaced by vellus hair, which is finer and harder to see.

What color is his hair? Does she have much hair? Are the questions eagerly anticipating family and friends excitedly ask. Many experts insist that the color and quantity of hair a baby is born with derives from genetics. Couples who both have dark hair regularly produce babies with blonde or even red hair. Whilst fairer couples whose own hair is sparse and thin are often surprised when their baby pops into the world possessing a thick abundance of jet black locks.

All you need to know about your baby's skin, hair, and more in his first weeks of life. Every infant looks just about perfect to a brand-new mother. But the truth is that your little bundle of joy may actually arrive with some not-so-perfect features such as blemishes, yellowish skin, or a curiously shaped head. These oddities will probably disappear, but if they don't, they'll need medical attention. This guide will help you determine what's normal--and when you should take action.

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Like everything in nature, hairiness at all ages has an infinite amount of variation, and Most infants are born with some body hair, but often this is so fine and wispy it is hard to see. How visible the hair is depends not only on the amount of hair but also on the presence of pigmentation. A fair skinned baby and a dark haired baby may have exactly the same numbers of hairs, but the presence or absence of pigment melanin will determine how hairy or hairless your baby looks. Those with visible hair are born with a range of fashionable presentations, from frizzy long locks to a stand up shock of hair, and everything in between. It is not known why some babies are born with lots of hair, although genetics or chromosomal makeup is probably the underlying explanation.

What you need to know about babies born with hair

Newborn Body Basics

Plenty of babies are born bald as a cue ball. But some little ones enter the world with a lush head of locks that would make Rapunzel jealous. So why do some babies have lots of hair when they're born? And is there any way to guess whether your baby will be bald or perfectly coiffed? Your newborn's 'do may come as a complete surprise. For what it's worth, the exact working of baby hair is still something of a mystery.


Your infant may be born with peach fuzz on her body, a full head of hair, or no hair at all. Babies born with hair are completely normal.
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