How to sew a tie with a sewing machine

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Sew a Classic Men's Necktie for the Perfect Father's Day Gift

how to sew a tie with a sewing machine

While it may feel a little been-there-done-that, making that tie Pins · Hand- sewing needle; ? yards fabric for the tie base; ? yard lining fabric.

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You can complete this tie making project in less than an hour, if you have had some experience in sewing. But if you are meticulous it will show in the final tie so take your time when sewing the tie. Attaining perfection when making a tie is possible if you take your time. Paper pattern -First you have to make the pattern on a piece of paper before keeping it on the fabric and cutting. The patterns are to be made for tie 2 pieces lining 2 pieces facing 2 piece Interlining 2 pieces Sharp Scissors Pins very sharp pins so as not to mark the delicate silk fabric. But definitely sew the first one in a muslin or inexpensive cotton fabric.

Trace the pattern and carefully cut it out with scissors. Next, repeat the same steps with the interfacing and iron it to the back of the fabric. Then, cut a piece of fabric for the back liner and attach it to the tie. Finally, use a slip stitch to sew the middle seam along the back of the tie, and press it with an iron to smooth it out. Purchase your favorite fabric from your local craft store. You do not have to limit yourself to a certain type of fabric to make a great tie, but heavier fabrics do tend to wear better. For a casual tie, go for patterned cotton, linen or denim.

Show less Ties are gaining increased popularity as trendy accessories that can be worn outside the traditional office setting. With the DIY movement also growing in popularity, it is no wonder that so many people are now inspired to make their own unique ties. Ties can be made from just about any type of fabric and are easy for anyone to create. You get to be in charge of picking out the pattern, fabric, and length of your tie when you make your own, and for a fraction of the price. Whether the tie is for you or you are making a fun tie to give your dad on Father's Day, there are easy steps that you can follow. Trace the pattern and carefully cut it out with scissors.

IRON 4. More experienced sewers can use silk.
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Gentleman Jim Tie Sew Along--Session 3, Video 1: Sewing the Tie Fabric and Lining




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