2000 watt pure sine inverter charger with transfer switch

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2000 watt pure sine inverter charger with transfer switch

The AIMS Power watt pure sine inverter with transfer switch ETL certified WATT PURE SINE INVERTER CHARGER W/ TRANSFER SWITCH

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Modified sine wave or pure sine wave battery power inverter available for sale online in varied watts: 12 volts, 24 volts, and 48 volts. When converting DC power from a battery into AC power to run sensitive electronic equipment for your outdoor or industrial use, such as a TV, computer or other home electronics, a pure sine wave inverter more closely mimics the power you get at home. This will ensure that your equipment runs as required without risk of damage. For bulk applications, such as heaters, power tools, etc. Your costly electronic equipment deserves the pure, reliable high power that only a true sine wave inverter can give you. If you have any questions about selecting the right wattage converter for your devices, the staff at BatteryStuff. Whether you have additional questions about modified wave power inverters, or simply want some friendly advice about the best wave inverter for your recreational or commercial needs, we're here for you.

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This inverter also has a built in AC-to-DC battery converter charger and transfer switch, which allows users to recharge their battery bank from an AC source such as a fuel-powered generator, shore power or a regular outlet at home. This inverter is also available in 24 and 48 volt models. The watt 24 volt Pure Sine Inverter Charger and watt 48 volt Pure Sine Inverter Charger are in stock and ready for same-day shipping as well. Use this product for renewable solar, off-grid home and business, mobile and emergency backup power applications anywhere that uses or volts of alternating current. This product also has auto frequency detection that allows users to operate at either 50 or 60 hertz. It boasts an average 10 millisecond transfer time with the built-in transfer switch. This is an awesome feature for use with backup power applications, as it makes the inverter a nearly uninterrupted power supply UPS when combined with a battery bank.

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Pure Sine Inverters With Battery Charger Automatic Transfer Switch

DC to AC Battery Power Inverters

Did you ever need a DC to AC power inverter with battery charger, or more, with a built-in automatic transfer switch? We have a huge selection of quality pure sine wave inverter charger transfer switch included for your selection, they are an all in one power package designed for multiple applications. It converts DC power to AC in battery mode, and when AC input power is available, it automatically switches the loads to AC power and charges a battery bank. There are two input power sources, DC and AC. Once the AC power is absent, generator cutoff or shore power failure, the inverter will automatically switch to the DC battery source. Our pure sine wave inverter charger outputs pure sine wave with extraordinarily low THD which matches or even surpasses their high frequency counterparts.

This watt low frequency AIMS Power inverter charger is three products in one. The inverter transforms DC (direct current) power stored by batteries into AC .
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