Black jeopardy with tom hanks

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Why SNLs Black Jeopardy sketch with Tom Hanks was perfect (VIDEO)

black jeopardy with tom hanks

Black Jeopardy! is a recurring sketch on Saturday Night Live which is a parody of On October 22, the contestant was Tom Hanks as Doug and on April 7.

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If you missed the relatively short "Black Jeopardy! Hilarious, sharp, and topical, it's the best comedic take on the current presidential election we've seen on TV this year. That's true here, but in a Donald Trump-inspired way: Tom Hanks is the sole white contestant on the game show, wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat. But it turns out as the sketch goes on that the black contestants and host and the white Trump supporter have a lot in common: a distrust of authority and elections, a love of curvy women and Tyler Perry films, and an ability to get a good deal from their local "guy. The delirious, cleverly written sketch insists that we're more alike than different as Americans. Until, that is, the biting final moment, when the final category shows up: "Lives That Matter.

For 43 years, the game show has been a staple of Saturday Night Live. But Black Jeopardy, the brainchild of writer Bryan Tucker and head writer Michael Che, stands out from all of its predecessors for not only being a clever, enduring concept, but also because it articulates something that often goes unsaid in society. Through these sketches, Tucker and Che along with host Kenan Thompson, recurring cast members, and the various guest hosts show us that black culture is simultaneously esoteric and universal all at once. I am white, but during the formative times in my life, the comedians that I really enjoyed were always black. He gets that humor, so a lot of it was us just making black jokes that we knew to be true. BT : I had the idea brewing for a little while.

Black Jeopardy! The SNL skit aired four times during season 39 , season 41 , and season 42 , with Kenan Thompson , Jay Pharoah and Sasheer Zamata appearing three times, with Leslie Jones appearing in the second time as a video speaker and the fourth time as a contestant, replacing Pharoah and with Chris Redd appearing the fifth time, replacing Zamata. Kenan Thompson appears as the host Darnell Hayes, or nicknamed Alex Treblack , as mentioned in the first air. The third contestant is portrayed by the episode's host. On March 29, the contestant was Louis C.

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SNL: Tom Hanks plays Black Jeopardy as Donald Trump supporter

Black Jeopardy - Saturday Night Live

SNL- Tom Hanks as Trump Supporter in Black Jeopardy Spoof. Hilarious!

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While this seemed like a recipe for disaster, Doug performed surprisingly well, proving that maybe even the most politically opposite voters have more in common than they think. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. Saturday Night Live. TV Show. The original late-night comedy sketch show from the one and only Lorne Michaels. Episode Recaps Previous.


Tom Hanks Kicks Butt At Black Jeopardy On SNL



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