How to deal with a stalker

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Coping with Various Types of Stalkers

how to deal with a stalker

In the previous article, I shared some things you can do if you're dealing with a stalker. And, so that you can protect yourself, in this article I will.

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For most victims, it is a waking nightmare characterized by constant fear and hypervigilance that triggers lasting emotional distress and sometimes results in bodily injury or even death. Since one in 20 women can expect to be stalked at some time during their lives, usually by men they once dated or married, it pays to know what to do if it should happen to you. Sometimes, men who have been rejected by women stalk to get revenge. These men, along with those who think ''if I can't have her, no one else will,'' can be especially dangerous. BE FIRM -- Experts say that in an effort to be kind and gentle, too many women give their stalkers mixed signals, leaving them with the belief that if they keep at it, they will eventually win the women they desire.

Stalking has become a high criminal offense and, the number of stalking reports continues to rise. Some people blame the increase in stalking on the Internet. However, stalking was an issue long before people had personal computers in their homes. And, so that you can protect yourself, in this article I will show you some steps you can take to protect yourself against a stalker. There are a few things that you can do to protect yourself. However, to make it easier for them to help you, there are some things you can do to help yourself:.

Yes, there are different types of stalkers. Learn about them and the coping strategies for dealing with each type of stalker. Stalkers are not made of one cloth. Some of them are psychopaths, others are schizoids, narcissists, paranoids, or a mixture of these mental health disorders. Stalkers harass their victims because they are lonely, or because it is fun these are latent sadists , or because they can't help it clinging or co-dependent behavior , or for a myriad different reasons.

Stalkers are unable to recognize or respect the feelings or boundaries of others. They also lack healthy coping skills to deal with rejection, embarrassment.
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Stalking affects 6. The following information was gathered from that handbook to provide a captivating glance into the mind of a stalker. Muller in his article, Mind of a Stalker. But, thanks to researchers we now know motivating factors that drive some people to stalk. These factors include:. Whether the rejection is real or merely perceived by the stalker it comes as a critical blow.

Never react to or communicate with the stalker. However, ignoring the harassment will not necessarily cause the stalker to stop. The sooner action is taken, be it police caution or warning, solicitor's letter or arrest, the more chance it has of stopping it. Research has shown that those stalkers who are allowed to carry on are less likely to stop easily. Do not respond.

Show less Having a stalker can be an uncomfortable or terrifying situation, depending on the severity of the stalking. Stalking frequently escalates into other types of violent crime, so if you think you are being stalked, you must take steps to distance yourself from your stalker and protect yourself and your family. To deal with a stalker, try your best to avoid contact with them as much as possible by ignoring their calls and online messages and not speaking to them in public. If you feel unsafe, let the police know about your stalker so they can start collecting evidence. You should also tell your friends and family members about what's going on so they can be on alert and keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

How to Deal with a Stalker: 5 Types of Stalkers & Steps to Staying Safe

How To Deal With A Stalker



How to Deal With a Stalker-Part 2



There is no "polite" way to deal with stalkers. In fact, the meaner that you are initially, the less likely they are to stalk you as even crazy stalkers.
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