Americas got talent girl with doll

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'You Got Posessed By A Doll!': Freaky 'America's Got Talent' Act Stuns Judges

americas got talent girl with doll

Sacred Riana: Famous CREEPY Girl Magician Comes To America! - America's Got Talent 2018

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Her biography on the America's Got Talent website only adds to the mystery surrounding the magician from Indonesia. According to stories, she's possessed by a spirit that uses her "to call upon its spirit friends in an attempt to cause fear and chaos in the living world. The video package had everything needed to set the stage for the horror film that played out before the judges this time: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" playing as The Sacred Riana sat in a rocking chair with her doll in a creepy room and lights flickering around her outside a motel room. The Sacred Riana began her act by walking to the judges' table and forcing Mel B to hold her doll. She enclosed a blank book, with "Do you want to play? When she took it out, there were drawings and what looked like blood on the front and inside. Though Mel B had forced Howie to hold the doll, he forced her to take it back.

I hope I didn't miss something, but I couldn't find a thread for last night's show. If there is one already, please delete this. Thank you. Anyway, welcome back AGT! Last night's episode was pretty good, we thought.

Promising to bring the judges into "close contact" with the other side, Wallace arrived onstage joined by a rocking chair, an old record player and a creepy-ass doll. Anyway, Wallace explained that he had rescued the doll and the chair from the Quinte Hotel, two of the few items that survived a fire. The Quinte -- a hotel in Belleville Ontario -- burned to the ground both in and in Wallace told the audience that while many thought the hotel itself was haunted, it was actually items within it that were tied to the supernatural. It was an old rocking chair," he said dramatically revealing the chair.

However, not every act needs to be singing and dancing. There have been many magicians over the years on AGT. Mel B politely asked for her name, but she instead stayed silent and stared at the judges. She then dropped her doll and climbed off the stage to get face to face with the judges. Even Simon Cowell seemed creeped out!

Having thoroughly creeped out the judges in the earlier stages, Riana presented a whole new act involving a bunch of lookalikes and a seriously unsettling moment in which she scaled a wall. However viewers never got to see the end of it as it abruptly cut to an ad break when the show was screened on US TV leaving everybody wondering exactly how the stunt ended. So just who is The Sacred Riana and is she really as scary as she looks? While she might look and act like a character out of a horror movie, The Sacred Riana is actually the alter ego of Marie Antoinette Riana Graharini, who is 26 and is from Indonesia. Riana, who is the daughter of a magician, originally found fame in Indonesian talent show The Next Mentalist, finishing runner-up in that series.

She was eliminated in the Quarterfinals. The Sacred Riana is an illusionist from Indonesia whose horror-influenced act was seen by millions when she performed it on Asia's Got Talent in She previously placed second on the Trans7 reality show The Next Mentalist in As she grew up in Indonesia she idolized magician, David Copperfield. Her long-haired stage persona is inspired by Sadako Yamamura, the antagonist of the Ringu series of films. The Sacred Riana's audition in Episode consisted of taking a photo of Mel B , and then placing several photos of suspected suicide victims in a murder case and had Mel B choose one of the many planted photos and different names on the desk. The picture also taken earlier had the victim implanted on it the whole time.

The Sacred Riana

I could come up with a long list of descriptive words that would probably fit this performance pretty well. The fact that this young woman comes walking out onto the stage with a doll in one hand, her hair covering her face like Samara in The Ring, and a serious tic that is hard to equate with a mentally healthy person seems to cover everything that could be said.

Creepy Girl Blows Judges Away On Got Talent Global With Freaky Magic

Tuesday night's episode of America's Got Talent finals was full of so much drama especially when it came to The Sacred Riana's act. The creepy year-old illusionist, known as Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani in real life, took the stage in the second round of finals and, once again, scared the living bejeezus out of everyone watching. During her act, she walked up to the table of judges and pulled out a voodoo doll with Mel B 's face on it. Needless to say, the former Spice Girl was terrified. Riana's performance seemed to be going really well meaning, she was sufficiently scaring everyone in the audience that is, up until the very end.

Some people go on America's Got Talent to sing, or to tell jokes, or to dance. And some people go on it to prove they're creepy as hell. As Nicholas Wallace took the stage, he explained that he saved a creepy rocking chair and a creepy doll from a fire, and the doll and the rocking chair had a spooky connection. Gabrielle sat in the chair, and basically told her to raise her hand when she felt touched. He would then only poke the doll's arm, and you can bet what Gabrielle did. She left the stage confused and underwhelmed, while the rest of the room was shook.

She is best known as a bizarre illusionist , who does occasionally break her creepy ghostlike character offstage, but normally does not. Her first debut on a TV show was when she joined the magic competition held by Deddy Corbuzier , The Next Mentalist which premiered on 17 November and was broadcast on Trans 7 where she only became the runner-up but Riana's appearance at that time successfully attracted the attention of the Indonesian public because of her unique appearance. Riana and her manager chose "The Sacred" name because they think that doing magic is a sacred thing for some people. On 21 August , during the America's Got Talent quarterfinals live show, Riana's act was abruptly cut to black and a commercial break before the end of her performance, which confused many viewers about what had just happened and quickly provoked a huge question on social media, but according to a set of production notes which have been posted on Twitter , the dramatic "cut-to-black" moment was actually part of the plan all along. Riana has a distinctive appearance, characterized by head and hand twitching movement, always stands with one of her legs bent and a flat facial expression. Riana always appears with long and loose hair that covers most of her face. In each stage appearance, Riana wears a long-sleeved dress and white tights and also holds her doll, Riani, which wears the same style of clothing as the magician.


Who Is The Sacred Riana? Watch 'AGT' Contestant Terrify Mel B With Her Imaginary Friend




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