How i figured out what to do with my life

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How I Finally Figured Out What To Do With My Life

how i figured out what to do with my life

Stuck at a job she hated, this recent grad didn't want to start a new full-time position or grad program to figure out if it was the career path she wanted. So she did.

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When we let go of the "shoulds" we create the space for our true desires to come to the surface Photo Credit: Jon Ly on Unsplash. How do you figure out what would bring you true enjoyment in what you do every day? And perhaps this is why so many of us end up in jobs we dislike. I was right where you might be now. We are all different and so I understand this may not resonate with everyone, but what helped me most to find my way was to get out of my head and more in touch with myself.

What should I do with my life? The quirky road ahead can be liberating or intimidating, depending on how you deal with it. However, having a right frame of mind and right approach towards life can lead you on the right path. While it is important to have a purpose in life, do not be so hard on yourself that the whole idea stresses you out. It is equally important to enjoy the life you are living.

How to Figure Out What to Do with Your Life?

A very long time, in fact. I went through a winding journey of spending money, changing jobs, and moving no less than five times in ten years to finally figure out what I wanted to do with my life., But I want you to know that at no point did I ever have an epiphany.

Tired Of Trying To 'Figure Out' What You Really Want To Do? Try This Instead

Here are a few ways to help you figure it out. Here are four ways to try to pinpoint what you want from your future. That said, as Adam Savage points out on the Still Untitled Podcast , the exercise of talking about where you see yourself in five years is still useful. He shares this story:. The thing that you feel like you really want to do is the thing to pursue.

How I Figured Out What I Want To Do With My Life (And How You Can Too!)





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