How to play a player after sleeping with him

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30 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes After Sleeping With Someone

how to play a player after sleeping with him

Well, the truth is, it's not very easy to tell if a man has actually “fallen for you”, or just really wanted to have sex and was playing the part of Awesome Boyfriend.


Playing a player isn't easy. If the guy is a true player, then he's an expert at fooling girls and breaking hearts and has been doing it for years. But if you're determined to play a player, whether it's to seek revenge on a player who broke your heart or just to have some fun with a smooth-talking Romeo, you can do it just by playing hard to get, making the player want you, and then cutting him loose when he least expects it. If you want to know how to play a player and have him eating out of your hand in no time at all, then just follow these steps. If you want to play a player, you first need to make him want you by being hard to get. The best way to do this is to call or text him once in a while but being slow to respond whenever he reaches out first.

Are you wondering how to make a guy want you and keep him interested? Heck, even making a guy want you at all can be hard at times. Especially when it comes to attraction and the dance of love. Or not. Carlos Cavallo , Dating and Attraction Adviser. Get Your Free Cheatsheet. There are men out there who will hear this song and suddenly correct their ways when it comes to sexual consent?

Wondering how to keep a guy interested after sleeping with him? But the big question is: how do you get him to stay interested in you after you gave him the goods? There were times where after I hooked up with a guy, I realized that I liked him and thought that maybe we could try going on a real date. Can I get an amen? Time to get him chasing you for more. You just had sex with him so you already went to an intimate place with him. Let him text you after you hook up with him.

I got an email recently from a concerned reader. We slept together now what? Even though you woke up this morning lying in bed with a total stranger snoring next to you — all is not lost. I just want you to know what your options are and how to best handle this situation if you like this guy. If this is a no strings attached relationship then skip this article!

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